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Classroom Teacher - Teacher Education Program

If you completed the Teacher Education Program at Tarleton State University, please use the following instructions to apply online for your teaching certificate from the State Board for Educator Certification.

If you are a current student, you must wait until you have attended the Certification and Evaluation Seminar at the end of your student teaching semester and passed all tests before you can apply.  Applying before that time could result in your application being removed.

Applying Online for Your Certification

  2. Go to and click on Educator Login, then choose Login to TEAL   Log in and click on Educator.
  3. Once you have updated your profile information as necessary, choose “Applications” on the left hand side menu. Then choose “STANDARD CERTIFICATE TEXAS PROGRAM.”
  4. A series of questions will be asked. Please answer the questions honestly. If you have any questions on how to answer, please contact TEA at (512) 936-8400.
  5. On the application, it will ask for Recommending Entity. If you do not select the correct entity, we will not be able to process your application.
  6. Please choose Tarleton State University (UNIVERSITY BASED).                                                           

  7. It will also ask: ‘subject applying for’. Please type in your certification field(s) here.
  8. At the end of the application, you will be given the chance to pay for your certificate ($77.00) and fingerprints ($39.50) if necessary. You can also return to this screen at any time after applying by logging into your account, choosing Application/Fee Status, and then Pay Online Now.
  9. All applicants that do not already hold a certificate in Texas will be required to be fingerprinted. The system will determine this. If you were fingerprinted during student teaching, you may or may not have to repeat the process.  According to the TEA website, “Option 1 is required for all initial applicants for a standard certificate…Option 1 is the electronic submission process using the Texas Department of Public Safety’s approved vendor.”
  10. The typical process for certification is as follows:
    • Student applies, pays online, and submits fingerprints
    • Student receives system-generated email acknowledging application
    • Entity recommends student for certification after verifying all requirements are met
    • Student receives system-generated email stating they have been recommended
    • TEA runs criminal background check on student
    • Applicant is certified if check is clear
  11. Before Tarleton State University can recommend a student for certification, the following must be verified:
    • Student must complete all coursework on certificate plan and meet requirements for retention in the Teacher Education Program.
    • Student must have a bachelors degree posted. (This can be 1-3 weeks after graduation. A student who must take courses in Summer I will not graduate until August and therefore is not eligible for certification until that time, even though the last class may have been completed in June.)
    • Student must pass all required tests.
  12. Some Key Points to remember
    • You are applying for a STANDARD certificate.
    • Recommending entity is TSU-UNIVERSITY BASED.
    • Subject applying for is your certificate area.
    • Use an email address that you will have access to after you graduate. If you do not receive an email after you apply, check your junk mail filter.
    • You are not eligible for certification until your degree is posted.
    • This application will only be for the certificate areas you completed at Tarleton while in the Teacher Education Program.
    • Once you are a certified teacher, you may challenge a classroom-based TExES exam. If you pass, you will need to apply for another certificate, choosing "Additional Certification by Examination" as the type of application. 

All questions about your application or fingerprinting should be directed to TEA at (512) 936-8400. You can also reach them by email by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on their homepage.

If you have applied and want to check on the status of your application, please feel free to contact Allison Andrews at 254-968-9815 or