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Scottish Studies
Summer 2014

Course No:

  • POLS 407
  • POLS 410


  • June 2 - 4: Class meetings on campus
  • June 6 - July 5: Scotland

Course Objectives:

This is a study-abroad experience covering contemporary Scottish history, politics, and society through field study in Edinburgh.; Topics covered include the Scottish/British crown, the political and judicial system, Scotland and the United Kingdom, Scotland and the European Union, local governance, education, Gaelic language and culture, and Scottish nationalism.

Venues will include Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Scottish Parliament, the Saltire Society, City of Edinburgh Council, the Royal Museum of Scotland, the National Museum of Scotland, various government ministries, and Stirling Castle/Monument.;

You will experience presentations from some of Scotland's best scholars and public officials. You will explore centuries of history all about you, in it is castles and palaces, in its streets and churches, in a people whose friendliness is matched only by the stunning majesty of the land they call home. You will experience first-hand a country that has literally changed the world.

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Approximate Cost:

$5,200. Includes round-trip flight to Edinburgh, program accommodations, admission fees to all field trip venues, month-long Lothians Buses pass, and Texas A&M University System study abroad insurance. Does not include tuition fees.

Contact Program Director:

Dr. Jeff Justice

Forms & Flyers: