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London, England

Nursing in the United Kingdom
Regents University, London
Summer 2014

3 hours Credit

Course No:

NUR 403


June 9, 2014 - June 29, 2014

Course Objective:

This course provides an opportunity for nursing students to experience nursing in a global context and to gain an in-depth understanding of nursing practices and education from an international perspective. To discover the historical beginnings of nursing research and practice and how current nursing practices are influenced by nursing history. The course will take place on the campus of Regents College located in the heart of Regent Park, one of the most beautiful parks in central London. Students will have the opportunity to visit British hospitals/clinics and will attend lectures by visiting British nursing faculty. Student will also interact with British nursing students. In addition to the planned activities at Regents College, the class will visit the Florence Nightingale Museum, Old Operating Room Theatre, and other medical/nursing museums. Students will gain an understanding of unique contributions of early nurse leaders in regard to nursing practices.

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Approximate Cost:

$4,995 - Includes air travel, in-country transportation, accommodations, daily breakfast and excursions. Does not include tuition or fees

Contact Program Director:

Diana Kunce-Collins

Forms & Flyers: