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Photography Safari

African Safari Photography - South Africa
Summer 2014

Course No:

Art 485



Course Objectives:

This advanced course in digital imaging will demonstrate the skill of photography in the context of traveling on safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Students will become proficient in digital photography techniques and concepts as it pertains to photographing wildlife, flora, the African landscape and its people.

The course will consist of a hands-on field instruction, discussions of the landscape in a historical/conceptual context, strengthening digital production/editing techniques and improving your image quality through mastery of craft and technique. Technically, students will learn the creative use of photographic techniques such as telephoto lens work, long exposure shots, high shutter speed photography, high-definition imaging, large format film work, among others. Lectures and course information will be given while on-site in the creation of work and the completion of assignment requirements. Concurrently, students will gain an understanding of the cultural, conceptual and creative opportunities of photography while studying abroad.


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Contact Program Director:

Mr. Chris Ireland


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