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South Korea

The Art of Korean Stories
Summer 2014

Course No:

ENG 486


June 7, 2014 - June 29, 2014

Course Objectives:

In this course we will explore the explosion of the "Korean Wave" and how Korean culture is being shared through methods of storytelling. Through short stories and television dramas, Korean culture has become popular, especially among high school and college-age Americans. We will read contemporary short stories and watch segments of Korean dramas (known as kdramas) as well as visit sites in Korea that are referenced in the satires and dramas. Koreans take their culture and history seriously and take great pride in the accurate depictions of historical events, sites and clothing in their stories and dramas. We will examine the juxtaposition of past and current events, how they factor into the stories and dramas, how they impact the audience and what the audience's expectations are.

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Approximate cost:

The approximate cost of the program is $3,000- Includes roundtrip airfare from DFW to Seoul; housing, required transportation, required excursions and insurance. Does not include meals or expenditures not required by this program. Does not include tuition or fees.

Deadlines for Payment
Dates Payment
12/01/2013 $500 non-refundable deposit
02/01/2014 $1,250
03/30/2014 $1,250

Contact Program Director:

Dr. Marcy Tanter

Flyers and Forms: