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South Korea

Business - COBA Study Tour
Summer 2014

Course No:

  • International Management (MGMT 454)
  • International Management (MGMT 589)
  • International Marketing (MKTG 454)
  • International Marketing (MKTG 589)
  • International Business (GB 444)
  • International Business (GB 589)


June 7, 2014- June 29, 2014

Course Objectives:

Students will engage in a comparative study of United States and South Korean business practices. Students will visit South Korean companies and United States companies operating abroad. Students will be exposed to guest presentations on global business topics.

Students will gain first hand knowledge of business practices through site visits in a foreign country. Students will engage with employees and tour the facilities of global companies. Additionally, site visits will expose students to language culture, diversity, and life in a foreign country rooted in Eastern culture.

Course Overviews:

International Management (MGMT 454):

Management of organizations engaged in international operations will be the focus of his course which highlights the challenges and opportunities associated with organizational management and business strategy in the global environment.

International Management applies management concepts and techniques to their context in firms working in multinational, multicultural environments. Emphasis will be on a balanced coverage of culture, strategy, and behavior in today's global operations.

The International Management course is intended to be an advanced management course for the undergraduate business student. Students will gain a general overview of the process and effect of internationalization in contemporary business, along with an introduction to theories, concepts, and skills relevant to managing effectively in today's global environment.

Students will be challenged to integrate knowledge they have gained from other business core courses and apply their accumulated knowledge to international business management.

International Marketing (MKTG 454)

After an initial detailed review of the global business environment (culture, politics, economics, and competition), the course will address marketing research from a global perspective, as well as analyze methods for identifying and targeting global consumers. The latter half of the course delves into successfully identifying, synthesizing and utilizing the marketing mix (product, distribution, promotion, and pricing) to achieve strategic international goals.

International Business (GB 444)

This course is designed to give the student a broader perspective of key concepts and issues in international business. Initial emphasis is on the environment of international business, as well as theories of trade and investment. The operation of a multinational firm is addressed from both micro and macro perspectives with emphasis on global currency, capital formation, entry modes, marketing, management, and human resources.

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Approximate cost:

$3,000-Includes roundtrip airfare from DFW to Seoul; housing, required transportation, required excursions and insurance. Does not include meals or expenditures not required by the program. Does not include tuition or fees.

Deadlines for Payment
Deadline Payment
12/01/2013 $500 non-refundable deposit
02/01/2014 $1,250
03/30/2014 $1,250

Contact Program Director:

Mr. Andrew Johnson

Forms and Flyers: