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Global Business Practices
Spring 2015

Course No:

  • GB 489
  • MGMT 489
  • MKTG 489
  • GB 589
  • MGMT 589
  • MKTG 589
  • HRM 589


March 6 - March 15, 2015 (Spring Break)

Course Objectives:

This course provides the student with an opportunity to study Irish business concepts, cultural environment, and discipline specific content which are then applied to practical experiences and activities related to Ireland. In preparation for and as part of a short term study abroad, the student will become acquainted with concepts of doing business in another country, as well as apply the principals of international business to the country being visited. The student will prepare and report research assignments and country material prior to departure. On the study abroad students will maintain a journal of observations and experiences, relating those to the course content. The student will complete the course by submitting a paper which synthesizes the student's research and knowledge of course content with the study abroad observations and experiences. 

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Approximate Cost:

$2,850 - Includes air travel, transportation, lodging, breakfast, two group dinners, and most excursions. Does not include tuition fees.

Contact Program Director:

Ms. Betsy Ball

Forms and Flyers: