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Multicultural Ambassadors

Multicultural Ambassadors

What are Multicultural Ambassadors?

Multicultural Ambassadors are students at Tarleton State University who have a passion for diversity. They are willing to speak up in the name of diversity as well as always model respect for diversity. These students are also interested in learning further about diversity. They listen, share, and grow through the context of diversity. Like true ambassadors, the goal of each student is to cross cultural bridges, build relationships across cultures, and explore the bonds that we all share.

How to Become an Ambassador?

It's easy to join! Every ambassador must sign a pledge stating their commitment to diversity, inclusion, respectful communication, and empathic listening. Once this pledge is signed, the new ambassador is added to parent portal through which event information is conveyed. You choose your level of activity as an ambassador. In order to sign the pledge, attend a meeting, or learn more please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, located in TSC 21, at or 254-968-9488.

What do Multicultural Ambassadors Do?

On a day-to-day basis, multicultural ambassadors commit to modeling effective and respectful listening and communication to spreading civility. On a weekly basis, ambassadors attend meetings where they listen and give presentation on diversity, participate in social events, and perform service in the name of diversity. Multicultural Ambassadors can be found at most of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion events, serving as facilitators, leaders, guides, and participants. We also go on cultural excursions to help others and learn about the diversity all around us. Finally, the multicultural ambassadors are a key player in developing the diversity conference, Leaders4Diversity, occurring in March every school year.

To see more of what the ambassadors and other programs under the Office of Diversity and Inclusion have been doing, check out our photostream as well as the Diversity & Inclusion blog.